Spring Hunting Essentials

Spring Hunting Essentials


It’s a cool brisk spring morning and the weather is unpredictable, yesterday it was 40 degrees, sunny and blue sky, and today it is snowing.  You are packing for your spring hunt, you have your guns, ammo, tags, calls, and decoys ready; but be sure you have these essentials also. These are great necessities for shed hunting and spring fishing as well.


Dress in layers - If you are like me and get cold easily; my “must-haves” are camo layers from Girls With Guns. When the weather is random, it’s very important that you dress in layers. If you are hiking into the right spot you want to make sure that you don’t sweat too much, but you also want to stay warm while you are sitting still like a statue. I recommend Girls With Guns mid-weight pants, I love that they are warm but not overly heavy, and they are wind resistant, I also love that they are adjustable in many ways. The adjustable waist band is a genius idea, if you wake up to cold weather, you have room to add an extra layer or two under them. They also have adjustable snap hems that make them fit perfect with any foot wear.  In addition, you should layer your top half, I personally always wear three layers, I like a long sleeve base layer, a light or mid-weight jacket or vest, and I always pack with me or wear an outer shell for wind, extra warmth or rain. I also think a girl needs a pair of arctic hunter Muck Boots, and don’t forget your hat and gloves.

Add-ons - Do not go outside without sheltering your skin. The sun, wind, water reflection and snow reflection are all hard on our delicate faces. I recommend you wear Cammi and Company’s Conqueror Cream every day.  This tinted day cream is blended with natural sun protection oils, zinc and minerals. Not only does this cream add a layer of natural protection from the sun, but also the wind, and it is a natural barrier to water and snow reflection too. Plus, the added tint of color makes it easy to go from the trees to town.

Many hunters are told that a white face reflects like a mirror in the woods.  If you are like me and you don’t like to wear an aggravating face mask that is always in the way, I recommend you pack along Nature’s Paint, it’s an all-natural face paint that comes in a genius chap-stick tube. It comes in 3 natural colors, and it fits handily in your pocket. If you need chap-stick in a pinch it is also made with natural oils and works great. And unlike a face mask Nature’s Paint camouflage face paint brings ultimate comfort and versatility. And of course, I also love that the camo face paint is free of parabens and harmful chemicals, it is sweat and water resistant, and it is easy on and easy off. And last, but not least, do not forget your Carefree Cleanser. This water-less cleanser blended by Cammi and Company is a must have to freshen up anytime, and it will effortlessly cleanse off your Nature’s Paint when you get back to the truck. In addition, this is a great cleanser to remove sweat and dirt from your face, and dirt and blood from your hands too.

Be sure to take advantage of every day you are off work or free to be outside. If you have a spring tag, make sure you are using your free time to scout too.

Get it all – Nature’s Paint, Conqueror Cream and Carefree Cleanser by Cammi and Company, and clothes and boots by Girls With Guns at www.gwgclothing.com




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