In June of 2017, Balleck Outdoors released three Mossy Oak licensed products, which together, will keep you scent free, clean, warm, and dry during your outdoor pursuits; no water necessary. These products are environmentally friendly, made in the USA, and never tested on animals. The containers are small, light, and portable making them convenient for your gym bag, backpack, or even your vehicle's glove box. Balleck Dry Shower, Wilderness Warmth, and Gunk Off can be used while on the trail, hiking, camping, mountain biking, hunting, fishing excursions, or backcountry hunting.  

Balleck Dry Shower is specifically designed to be used without water. It is a dry powder that can be used to not only clean your hair and scalp but also cleanse the body and take away underarm odor and wetness. I found Balleck Dry Shower to be very effective in the humidity of Florida. I utilized it on a mountain bike ride where showers were unavailable. I worked a small amount of the dry powder onto my scalp and brushed it through my hair with my fingertips. It efficiently took away the “sweaty” smell and any oily residue. I dusted my body and underarms with Balleck Dry Shower, and it absorbed the moisture and took away the post work out swampiness. It was helpful in reducing chaffing from moist skin surfaces. After any outdoor activity, Balleck Dry Shower would be great for keeping clean and dry. If the weather is cold, it can keep “bath time” a lot warmer because water isn’t necessary. 

Balleck Wilderness Warmth is formulated to give a warming sensation on cold, damp days. It is a dry powder made of all-natural ingredients that can be sprinkled
into socks or gloves; or rubbed onto feet or hands. On chilly nights when primitive camping, rub Balleck Wilderness Warmth onto your toes and feet, put on your socks and let the warmth sink in. My feet tend to perspire, so the drying effect of Balleck Wilderness Warmth helps to conserve warmth and comfort. Another great use for this product is in gloves when paddling, hiking, duck hunting, or fishing in cold weather.  

Balleck also has a liquid, scent free product called Gunk Off that removes 99% of impurities from skin surfaces. This product is gentle enough that it can be used on hands, face, and body without the need for rinsing. I used Balleck Gunk Off after riding my bike to work. Since I didn't have the convenience of a shower, I put some of the Gunk Off onto a chamois and used it to wipe away sweat and road dirt. It left me feeling refreshed and unsullied.  Balleck Gunk Off can be used on your hands after field dressing your harvest or cleaning fish, on your body when in the backcountry, or after the hunt to remove camo face paint. Gunk Off can restore freshness and leaves you scent free. 

The Mossy Oak licensed Balleck products are not only ideal for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities, but the products are also useful in everyday life for when life gets messy or the occasional unexpected dinner after work with co-workers. You can use the Balleck products on your skin surfaces and hair with peace at mind because the products are Vegan, paraben-free, Phthalate-free, and gluten-free; making it is safe for even safe for sensitive skin. The Balleck Dry Shower is available in a 4.5-ounce container for $19.99, the Wilderness Warmth is available in a 4.5-ounce container for $24.99, and the Gunk Off is available in a 4.0-ounce, re-sealable leakproof container for $19.99.  

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