Natural Skin Care for Peri-meno­pausal Skin Conditions

Peri-meno­pausal Skin Conditions can be helped with the use of Cammi and Company natural skin care, these products can reduce sun damage and help you achieve youthful skin.

Natural Skin Care

Wrinkles are a skin condition that can manifest and recur during hormone change. Also suggested are topically applied ingredients to calm the related skin symptoms.

Wrinkles. Skin is a composite tissue, consisting of a fibrous matrix containing elastin and collagen. Collagen provides strength to the skin structure, and elastin provides the snap or resiliency, allowing the skin to move about and assume conforma­tional changes as required. When elastin fibers undergo changes that cause them to lose resiliency or snap, the skin no longer is able to return to its original state. As a result, sagging and crinkling occur in a pattern, forming wrinkles.


Treatment-wise, Winks + Kisses will help!  Research has shown the ingredients  increase collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and glucosam­inoglycan production. When the synthesis of these proteins is stimulated, smoother, wrinkle-free, rejuvenated-looking skin results.In addition The ingredients in Conqueror Cream work through activating genes associated with collagen cross-linking. Clinical studies show they can reduce the mean surface area of deep wrinkles by 68%. It should be noted that such peptides have the anti-wrinkle efficacy of retinols, without the irritation.

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