Maintaining Youthful Skin

Managing stress goes a long way in maintaining youthful skin. Chronic stress can make your skin look five years older than your actual age. Stress really does wear on you. When you’re under intense or chronic pressure, your body increases production of the hormone cortisol, which can damage collagen and elastin and decrease the skin’s ability to repair itself. Cortisol triggers inflammation, which breaks down collagen, the protein that keeps skin firm, plump, and smooth. Too much cortisol also causes free radicals to build up which in turn damages skin cells. What’s more, stress can make you tense up and grimace or frown, often without you even realizing it. After a while, these repeated muscle contractions can leave their mark in the form of permanent lines.


The good news is that physical activity, sports and even just spending time in the great outdoors are tremendous stress busters. For those who are cooped inside with their 9 to 5, even spending five minutes in a “green space” can help alleviate stress. Studies find that women who work out regularly have firmer skin than similar non-exercisers. Exercise infuses skin with oxygen and nutrients needed for collagen production. Organic natural skin care products are the perfect companion for optimal skin care for the active woman. They protect your skin all day long and even go to work on your skin when you sleep, which is a time that the skin has a chance to repair itself.

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