How Thermal Relief Lotion Works

Conqueror the Cold!

A new lotion that actually keeps your extremities warm.

Meet Cammi, an outdoor enthusiast. She knows that winter cold is stubborn to bear. 

Are you cold blooded? Cammi and Company has the solution!  Let’s talk about cold numb hands and feet.  Being outdoors in the winter may cause severe coldness in both your hands and your feet. If you are like Cammi, your core stays warm, but your fingers, toes, and ears get cold. She has lived in Colorado, and like you, she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her adventures. She is outdoors everyday; hunting, snowshoeing, running with her chocolate lab, fly-fishing, or feeding the cows. Cammi just couldn’t let anything to be an obstacle in the way.

However, when she gets cold, she is miserable. So, she created a solution for herself, and now we are sharing it everyone. The NEW Thermal Relief Lotion is made from essential warming oils, but the important ingredients are the whole food supplements like Arginine and Alpha Lipoic Acid that are vitamins that known to increase blood flow. Cammi is also an ANCB board certified naturopath, so she knows whole food ingredients. She puts this lotion on her hands, feet, and ears about 20 minutes before she ventures outside. Of course, she wears gloves, socks, and a hat; they just help keep the warmth in even more.


Sandy says- "I tried a sample I just ordered a bottle. I went for a morning run I put some on my hands and wrists. I forgot my gloves. My fingers didn't get cold. My left hand has RSD that I still have lingering systems cold is one of them. This product kept my fingers and hands warm. I also noticed that my right wrist that I broke several weeks ago really responded to the warmth. All day I only put it one one time. I am impressed with this product it's not a hot warm it's a nice soft warm really nice."

Lynae says- "This is a must for anyone who is weathering cold temps while playing outside! I do a lot of fly fishing and love that I now have a product that helps protect me from the chilly water. I put it on my feet, stomach, ears, hands then layer on my socks, shirt, hat, gloves. It definitely keeps me warmer than when I go without. The warmth lasts a couple hours, then reapply if you can!"


Huntress View says- "This is my personal favorite product from this line! I have issues keeping my toes and fingers warm and this product honestly REALLY works! Apply to your ears, hands, feet and core before heading out. It works best under gloves, socks or a hat.  This does have a scent so I don't recommend this for hunting whitetail. On my upland and waterfowl hunts I paired this with gloves, and I was extremely comfortable. I found that with this product, I really didn't even need to use hand warmers to keep my hands warm. They were comfortably warm throughout my entire hunt, even when the temperature was in the 20's!

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