Does Carefree Cleanser work and how?

Does Water-less Carefree Cleanser work and how?

If you’re skeptical and asking yourself, "Does Carefree Cleanser work?” We have the details from a Licensed Aesthetician and Chief Formulator. This way, you can make the most informed choice possible on whether or not to give it a try.

We reached out to Sara a licensed aesthetician, and a certified cosmetic formulator to understand exactly how Carefree Cleanser work, and whether or not they recommends it. Sara explains, "The idea is that magic, natural, tiny bead like molecules are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities ( sweat, dirt, make-up anything) without drying out the skin. It can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover, and a moisturizer all in one." As far as any risks there might be Sara says "The risks when using Carefree Cleanser are very very slim. 

How does it work?
Sara says " Like magic. When a cotton pad is dampened with liquid the water-loving ends cling to the cotton and the oil and dirt-loving ends stick out from the pad waiting to cling to dirt and oil. When you wipe the dampened cotton pad across your face, the dirt and oil- loving ends do their job by removing dirt and oil from your face leaving you with clean, fresh skin." 
If you want the science-
Carefree Cleanser uses the magic, tiny, round surfactant molecules that have a lipophilic end (attracted to oil), and a hydrophilic end (attracted to water), make-up, oil, dirt and grime, are gently, quickly and easily removed WITHOUT the need for rinsing.  It’s that simple – and that amazing!  

That all said, sensitive skin ladies out there, rejoice!  "Carefree Cleanser can remove makeup and face-paint without leaving oil behind like many traditional makeup cleansers do, so it is a great product for people with dry and sensitive skin. In addition your typical foamy / sudsy wash can actually strip the skin and leave behind harsh chemicals that may further dry out skin, and some contain chemical alcohol which can sting or oil that causes acne."

All-in-one Carefree Cleanser, is a prized, one-step cleansing wonder that has been favored by Parisian beauties for many years, and for good reason – IT WORKS! It is great for any adventure. I love it when we are camping too. This features little lipophilic and hydrophilic cleansing molecules that pull oil and dirt away from the face. Our all-in-1 cleanser gently takes all makeup off, no rinsing, no harsh rubbing.


Comes in a handy 2 oz size so you can take it anywhere.


100% Natural Fragrance

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Lauren Hill, Founder of ReelCamoGirl says "One of my favorite products is the Carefree Cleanser. This cleanser found more dirt after i used Neutrogena facial towels & Sephora cleanser. NOW THAT'S CLEAN!" And I love that it is a water-less way to clean and freshen up. Follow @reelcamogirl 

Kacee Marie, Professional hunter and 20 years in the outdoors says- "  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this stuff, I'm telling you try it once and you will be hooked - check it out now ladies! If you want an all natural product from the US, check out Cammi and Company's Outdoor skincare at I have used this line for a month, and I am obsessed. I think my favorite is the water-less Carefree Cleanser, I use it a few times everyday. I even used it after a shower and the cotton was still dirty. NOW THAT'S AMAZING.  and the Thermal Lotion is a must have for cold days." - follow Kacee, professional hunter & owner of an outdoor camp for kids born to hunt, 20 years in the outdoors.


Yosemite National Park says " The Thermal Relief Lotion and Carefree Cleanser are our best-sellers at our ski shops. 


Jill says- " We fish lake Powell all summer, I put the Conqueror Cream on every morning. I love that I can wear it from the lake and to the marina. I really like that its made for sun and water reflection and IT WORKS! The dry dessert dries out my skin and lips so fast, this and the Carefree Cleanser and my tooth brush the only products I take with me, and the perfect 1 oz size when you are "living" on a 12 foot boat. I love that the Carefree Cleanser is rinse-less "GENIUS" !



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