Choosing the Best Organic Skin Care To Compliment Lifestyle

More and more women are making the conscious decision to take their health seriously and are more discriminating about the quality of products that they put in and upon their body. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and 80% of what you put on your face gets absorbed into the pores. You don’t want synthetic, harmful chemicals going in. As consumers, we’ve come a long way in becoming quite savvy with what we now accept and reject. Organic means safe and that’s the bottom line. So in addition to nourishing your body with clean, organic food and cleaning your house with safe, non-toxic cleaners, you want to choose the best organic skin care products for your entire body. You can nourish your skin, fight the signs of aging and glow by doing the same.


Many of the chemicals used in non-organic makeup products are downright poisonous to the endocrine system. A good rule of thumb is – if I won’t eat it, don’t put it on my body! In this way, you can assure yourself that you are doing yourself and the planet a favor. Cammi and Company’s organic skin care products are eco-friendly. For the active woman who loves and appreciates the great outdoors, you can feel very good about supporting the environment by not contributing to the destruction of the rain forest that occurs through the mining of harmful conventional ingredients such as aluminum and petroleum based products. As smart and conscientious consumer, you can make the choice to improve your health and beauty while at the same time protecting and preserving the environment.

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