Active Skin Care for dry cracked hands

Dry cracked hands? Try our Active Skin Care.


Dry cracked skin. All fly fishers, and waterfowl hunters face a yearly issue with dry, cracked and painful skin, particularly on their hands. Hunting or fishing in dry climates, cold brisk weather, and having your hands in and out of the water frequently causes a loss of skin’s natural oils and moisture. This causes our skin to become extremely dry and painful. Long-term exposure to the cold, dry air, common waterfowl hunting or fly-fishing, further evaporates skin’s natural oil and moisture.



X-treme Cream a USDA certified organic skin care, versatile Cream is great moisturizer for the entire body; face, hands and toes, and will leave skin and hair soft and supple without feeling greasy or weighed down.  X-treme Cream has a high content of oils to replenish the natural oils of our skin. This rich, therapeutic moisturizer uses a organic beeswax to renew the skin’s essential water-barrier to allow the natural healing of cracked and X-tremely dry skin and it it strong enough for outdoor hands, gentle enough for your baby. It prevents evaporation of natural moisture in skin.


Men and women fly-fishers and hunters enjoyed healthy, supple skin that was well-moisturized and pain-free. Furthermore X-treme Cream guarded their hands against future loss of their natural oils and moisture due to the cold, dry winter air.

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