A 30 day Gunk Off Challenge

It hardly seems like it, but a month has already passed since I took part in a Gunk Off Challenge by www.balleck.com. Its not just for camping, its to use everyday!  Last month I told you I was taking a challenge for 30 days, only cleansing my face with Gunk Off.  I also issued that same challenge to you readers – eschew your makeup wipes, and try using Gunk Off waterless, rinseless, and scentfree micellar for your makeup removal needs as well.

How My Skin Feels

In one word, my skin feels awesome! And in hash tags #soclean.  Since I started removing my makeup with Gunk Off instead of using a makeup wipe, the skin on my cheeks has retained more of its moisture. My skin is softer and looks healthier and its doing very well – less flaky skin around my nose. Finally, I’ve not needed to use quite as heavy a hand with moisturizers.

Also, no fragrance! Dear skincare companies, please please stop adding perfumes to facial skincare products. Thanks.

Cost Considerations

Using Gunk Off exclusively, I’ve used about half of a bottle of the Balleck Gunk Off in one month. So it costs about $10 a month. And my old cleanser was about $13 a month. 

I use 2-3 to take off makeup in a usual day (I may need four if I go hard and do a full face – and I mean full, with highlight and winged liner – but that is the exception, not the rule in my daily life) and I will sometimes use one in the morning to refresh (I don’t wash my face with cleanser in the AM). 

Over six months, that means my cost is about $50-$60 and being that my skin is clear and feels great- I am super happy about that. 

Waste Reduction

I am now only tossing 1- 1″  cotton pads a day or I at home I use a cloth soaked with Gunk Off and just rewash it in the laundry.  Before, I was throwing away 1-2 woven cloths made of who-knows-what that may or may not biodegrade. So, yes, as I guessed my waste has decreased.




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