9 Camping Beauty Tips


  1. Dry Shower: If your hair gets sweaty or starts to look or feel greasy, use some Dry Shower powder in your hair.  It’s super easy to use. Just sprinkle it in your hair or your hands and use your fingers as you do with shampoo, then shake or just  brush the powder out. DRY SHOWER is just $19.99. and it works great. ( I even use it at home several days a week, and after the gym at lunch.) 
  2. Hat: If all else fails, cover up your hair with a hat. I love my GWG hat one comes with me on every camping trip.Pick you out one here, and they are on sale now. 


  1. GUNK OFF - Make up remover, plus it gets off sweat and dirt too. Sometimes it’s hard to wash your face at night.  Gunk Off was made for sensitive skin on the face and to remove makeup, eye makeup, and it even removes face pain and eye makeup.  It also works equally well on on the body and removes sweat,dirt, oil and cleanse hands. The perfect great way to clean your face without water, just take a cotton pad or washcloth with you.  
  2. Gunk off and Dry Shower are also useful for freshening up other parts of your body when you can’t shower. They’re also really good at removing any grime for your body, both are water-less, scent free, and rinse-less.
  3. Conqueror Cream - Conqueror Cream  is great because it moisturizes and evens out your skin. It’s lightweight and perfect for a no-makeup look with just a tint of color. And it has natural spf, shelter from the wind, even water reflection; plus it keeps the bugs away too. 
  4. Mascara: When I’m camping, I leave my mascara on for a few days.  I don't wear much makeup, but I need a little mascara :) . I skip the white base and it stays on until I wet it with warm water. Then it removes in pieces and doesn’t smudge all over your face, or if you have Gunk Off you can put on fresh each morning. 


  1. What to Pack & Yoga Clothes: In addition to my usual jeans and shorts, I love to pack a running tank top and shorts. They’re flattering and work well whether I’m hiking, kayaking or biking. I even sleep in them at night. In colder weather, I opt for yoga pants, a tank top and a fitted sweatshirt. Pick synthetic fabrics if possible. If you get wet they’ll dry quickly. Girls with Guns has some nice athletic wear that I love here. https://www.gwgclothing.com/collections/womens-athletic-clothing.
  2. Tank Tops: I always pack a few tank tops for every camping trip. I like the fit of this one from GWGclothing.com really well under a tank top. Or I love this one also. 
  3. Flip Flops: In addition to hiking boots, it’s great to have a pair of flip flops that you can slide on when you step out of the tent. I like these, 
    They’re durable, comfortable, cute and you can hose them off if they get dirty.

What’s your secret to looking cute while camping (glamping)?

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