6 Reasons to trade in your cleanser for Carefree Cleanser

All-in-one WATER-LESS, RINSE-LESS cleanser + toner to cleanse away your sweat and dirt, and renew your skin cells when on any adventure.

The hunt is over for a water-less cleanser that really works. 

Simply put some Carefree Cleanser on a clean cotton pad and gently swipe your face, avoiding your eye area. It is great for cleanse after any venture or  a workout or to refresh your skin, too. No need to rinse 

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6 Reasons to Trade in Your Favorite Cleanser for Carefree Cleanser

Just call it the minimalist's skin answer-to-all. All Grit and No Grime. The Carefree Cleanser was made for on the go, but of course you can use it every night at home too, and this is why:

These days, skincare is stripping down to the basics with a non-rinse, water-less, soap-free cleanser, our Carefree Cleanser contains microscopic molecules that lift waterproof makeup, grime, gunk, sweat, oil, and other impurities from the skin with the swipe of a cotton pad, making it a powerful yet gentle cleansing alternative to harsh face wipes or alcohol-based toners and astringents.

1. Removes Makeup (and everything) Effectively

Carefree Cleanser has tiny molecules that are fatty, and following the oil-attracts-oil principle, these act like a magnet in picking up stubborn sebum and dissolving away dirt and long-wear makeup. There's no oily, tingly, or tightening effect—just a dewy- fresh, clean feeling. You will notice a nice fresh feeling every time you use it. To remove eye makeup just hold the cotton on your eyes for 5-7 seconds then gently wipe. 

2. Hydrates and Nourishes Skin
Natural and safe- made without soap, alcohol,  any harsh chemicals or detergents to dry out the skin, Carefree Cleanser conveniently leaves your face feeling hydrated with a glowy, clean, fresh felling. And compared to other cleansers, we have tested it, it cleanses what other Cleansers miss. Test it for yourself, use it after your cleanser and see what dirt in on the cotton when you get done. 

3. Benefits All Skin Types

 Mild, non-irritating, and perfectly suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin. So go ahead and splash away from forehead to chin. 

4. Helps Keep Skin Clear

Though there are formulas for blemish-prone skin, the cleansing agents in the Carefree Cleanser naturally clear skin of excess sebum, sweat, grime, dirt, and wax-based substances you naturally make, this gunk causes breakouts. And because you don't need to use a wash cloth, there's no rubbing to cause redness or irritation.

5. Travels Well

Carefree Cleanser nixes the need for makeup remover, cleansers, and toners because its an ALL-IN-ONE  its practicality is never more appreciated than when you're in a rush or on the go. No running water readily available camping No Problem. At hunting camp and need to clean up? No Problem. Backpacking and watching the weight? No Problem.  On a flight? No Problem, it comes in a hands 2 ounce size so it is airport friendly and fits in your camel bak and gear bags too. 

It’s very important to cleanse your skin after sweating so always carry a small bottle of Carefree with you to ensure your skin is clean and fresh after a hot and sweaty workout anywhere you are. 

6. No sink? No problem
Can be used to cleanse your hands 
and kids hands rinse free too. Coming soon in a scent free version soon.If it can cleanse your face it can also cleanse your hands! If you ever find yourself somewhere without water and you want to ensure your hands are clean, a little bit of Carefree Cleanser will do the trick! Just carry, pour into your hands, rub your hands together to clean.

Bonus- Use To Remove Makeup Stains Out Of Carpet/Furniture/Clothing and your brushes.

If you stain your clothes or furniture with makeup for example, you can use a few drops of Carefree Cleanser  to remove the stain. Just dab it with a cotton pad like you would on your face to lift the stain. Make sure to move quickly though, the longer your stain sits on the fabric in question the harder it becomes to remove. Avoid doing this on silk or other delicate fabrics. Make up brushes should be cleaned regularly. This is because they come into frequent contact with our skin and can harbor dirt, oil and bacteria. Using dirty brushes can cause your skin to break out or be irritated so try to clean them a minimum of once a week. Pour Carefree Cleanser into a bowl or saturate a cotton pad and press against the bristles of your brushes.

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