5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm

Do your feet freeze? Do you feel like you are barefoot in the snow? If you are tired of having numb, cold hands and feet here are few things you can do. 
  • Invest in quality boots.  Footwear from Girls with Guns. I love these Muck Boots, I honestly wear them everyday, everywhere I go; walking the dog, fishing, hunting, snow-shoeing, and yes to the grocery store. 
  • Rub on Thermal Relief Lotion This amazing warming lotion was made for you. This is perfect warming lotion, just apply to your hands, feet, core, and or ears before any adventure to help you enjoy your day. Vitamins like Arginine and Alpha Lipoic and warming essential oils help keep circulation in your extremities. Slay away cold fingers and toes! 
  • Wear wool socks. Cotton socks provide little insulation and they absorb and retain moisture; wet = cold feet. Wool socks are a better option! Wool socks are thicker and most importantly, dry even while being worn so your feet won’t get wet from perspiration! I love Smart Wool and they are made right here in Steamboat Springs, CO too. 
  • Let your feet have a breather. If you sit behind a desk or are a passenger in the car and can sneak a few minutes without your boots on, give your feet a break!  Allow your feet and boots to air out.  You can also keep a golf ball under your desk and role your arch across a baseball.  The massage will help the blood flow in your feet and warm those toes right up! 
  • Get a pedi Just kidding, it won’t keep your feet warm but it will look HOT!



Keeping your toes warm in the winter is super important. You are far more beautiful when you are cozy and comfortable, not to mention, you’ll be avoiding frostbite! Be warm!

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